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All wedding cakes made by Cairns Wedding Cakes are individually priced and quoted depending on your design and portion size requirements, as some wedding cakes are used as the dessert component of the reception. At Cairns Wedding Cakes we believe in paying for what you receive. As some designs are more labour intensive and, generally have more decoration, the price of the wedding cake will be proportionate.

It is recommended that you order your wedding cake at least 2-3 months in advance to avoid disappointment. As I work alone and take a maximum of 3 cakes per weekend this allows me to take that extra special attention to detail for your cake, from the baking, to the decorating, to the delivery. Every step is done with care...

If you have seen a distinctive cake design elsewhere, or have your own pictures, designs, ribbons or figurines, I welcome them and your thoughts and ideas. I will be able to assist you through the myriad of choices and we will be able to design a wedding cake both spectacular and personalised for you on your wedding day.

Working alongside local florists and suppliers allows me to provide continuity in the presentation of your big day.


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